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 JR Gent Pen

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PostSubject: Re: JR Gent Pen   Tue Jun 17, 2014 9:36 am

Hi Mias - nice pen. No advice - just a comment: the Jr Gent, although a very nice pen, has the one problem of softish threading on the pen cap, so undue pressure here causes breakage.

I do believe the good people at Mr Woodturner now supply spares for the Jr Gent pens (and many other pen parts as well).


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Mias Bez


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PostSubject: JR Gent Pen   Mon Jun 16, 2014 8:44 am

Hi Gents

I made a JR Gent pen last week. When I fit the coupler, it go in tight but when I used some pressure to get it in, it just went in and the trim ring went passed the stop and over the tread, about 3/4". I stripped it but could not see what was wrong. The trim ring was flared a bit open I a did not want loose this pen. The Tamboti did come out good. So install it again but push it all the way in over the thread. It do look like a normal pen and no one I should it to could see what was wrong. Any pen turner would see it.  
Did any of you experience this?
What could be wrong?
Could the barrel trimmer cause a increase in the ID of the tube during the trimming process?


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JR Gent Pen
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